🍚Project R.I.C.E 2018🍚

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Dear Apollo, Project R.I.C.E. has finally come to an end and we would like to give a BIG thank you to all of you for the tremendous support throughout! This could not have been done without your hard work and enthusiasm, and we really hope that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed yourselves during Faculty CIP and had a meaningful experience :””)


This year, Project R.I.C.E. witnessed the eager participation of 291 Apollo students in all 3 CIP phases: Publicity, Collection and Interaction. With the immense effort and support from both Bishan residents and our dear C1s, Project R.I.C.E. managed to break past records (AGAIN) and we are proud to announce that we have collected a total of 7153kg of rice from Bishan residents, where 657.5kg was given to Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled, 500kg was given to Hougang Sheng Hong Family Service Centre, and the rest of the rice was given to PERTAPIS Children’s Home. Here’s a summary of what Apollo C1s did during this year’s CIP!

⛅09/03/18 – Phase 1: Publicity Day⛅

Our sunshines first set off to pass out flyers to residents in the Bishan area. It was no easy job to knock on so many doors to talk to thousands of Bishan residents, but the volunteers did it really well!!

Passing out flyers to Bishan residents

⛅21/03/18 – Phase 2: Collection Day⛅

The big day arrived!! Our brave and strong C1s embarked on their journey to collect rice from the residents of Bishan, bringing bags after bags of rice to their respective collection points. It was a challenging task but our bullbois and bullgirls pulled it off really well (Shoutout to the teachers that were present to help too! It was really heartening to see teachers helping out with carrying and sorting the rice :-D) Despite the tough job of carrying bags of rice (up to 10kg heavy 😰) up and down HDB blocks, it was a joyous occasion for many of us as we witnessed the kindness and generosity of many Bishan residents. Our efforts did not go to waste as we ended up tripling our target of 2500kg!!!

Collecting lots of rice!

⛅27/03/18 & 29/03/18 – Phase 3: Interaction Day⛅

Our last phase included 2 interaction sessions with residents of Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled, where around 25 Apollo students went for each session. Within one hour, we had fun activities like karaoke and art & craft with the residents. It was a new and unique experience for many of the students and we are so proud of how well they got along with the residents 😃😃 The atmosphere was very lively and we had enthusiastic residents singing and dancing along to some songs during karaoke!

Having fun during karaoke~

Copy of drawingg.JPG

Working on masterpieces


Making friends with our teachers!



This wraps up Apollo Faculty CIP this year 😭 We cannot even express how proud and thankful we are for each and every one of our sunshines – thank you for your hard work and contribution, and thank you for your support throughout the CIP journey 💛💛

Most of us are really blessed with what we have now and often we fail to recognise that even in a society like Singapore, there is the minority that may need a little more help than us. You may not even realise this, but each action you make will impact someone else in one way or another. By providing our beneficiaries with staple food, or even visiting them to participate in fun activities with them, we can make a difference in their lives. We hope that Project R.I.C.E. has managed to let you see more meaning in giving back to the society, and to also be more appreciative of what you have now. Thank you so much for following us throughout this journey, it sure wasn’t easy but it surely has been remarkably fruitful!! See you again for our next event, Faculty Outing 2!


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