✨🔅Introduction to Faculty Committee 17/18🔅✨



Although we are already halfway through our term, we would still like to take the opportunity to formally introduce ourselves to you here, where we will be more active in future.


To the C1s, we warmly welcome you to this sunshine-filled and ebullient faculty! :DD We hope that your two-week long Orientation here would be a great kick start to your life in Junior College. Your Apollo seniors will always be here for you so please feel free to ask us any questions and we will be more than happy to help! 💛

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-08 at 11.47.41 PM


To the C2s, albeit this year may be tougher and busier for us but we have come this far together as a faculty. Regardless of what lies ahead of us, we will continue letting our yellow-hot burning passion take us to greater heights and enjoy our final spectacular year in Apollo Faculty! 💯


We really look forward to organising bigger, better and brighter activities/events for you guys and we hope that everyone will enjoy your sunny times in Apollo Faculty with us!


Here are the members in our Faculty Committee 17/18!!

Soh Zhi Hong (17A14) Faculty Head 🤴🏻

Soh Zhi Hong 17A15

See Sin Yee (17S77) Deputy Faculty Head 👸🏻

Claire See 17S77

Ryan Tan (17A14) 🌞Publicity IC 🎨

20170721_072953 (1)

Zhu Hongyue (Amy) (17A15) 🌞 Publicity IC 🎨

Amy Zhu 17A15

Sean Keat (17S6J) 🌞 Activities IC 🌈


Lin Lejia (17S6K) 🌞 Sec-Treas 📝

Lin Lejia 17S6K

Charmaine Tham (17S71) 🌞 Dance IC 💃🏻

Charmaine Tham 17S71

Lim Xue Yang (17S71) Activities IC 🌈

Lim Xue Yang 17S71

Lavelle Wong (17S73) 🌞Activities IC 🌈

Lavelle Wong 17S73

Ong Zhi Cong (17S73) Activities IC 🌈


Genevieve Ling (17S75) 🌞Activities IC 🌈

Genevieve Ling 17S75

Alison Wong (17S77) 🌞Activities IC 🌈

Alison Wong 17S77

Tan Ding Jiang (17S79) 🌞Activities IC 🌈

Tan Ding Jiang 17S79

Sarita Zhang (17S7E) Dance IC 💃🏻

Sarita Zhang 17S7E

Wang Yeyun (17S7E) 🌞Pubs IC 🎨

Wang Yeyun 17S7E

Do follow us on instagram @apollofaculty and subscribe to us on Youtube @apollofaculty as well for more regular updates! 🔅

Till then, LIVE LOUD LIVE PROUD!!! #featured


🌈Apollo Faculty Committee 17/18 🌈

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-07 at 9.19.52 AM


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