🚀APO11O: The Relaunch🚀

20170721_073457🚀APO11O: The Relaunch🚀

On 11/11/ 2017, Apollo faculty had its faculty outing 1 in school! 🏫


It was a fun-filled event packed with eventful performances, awesome self-created game booths, and great food and drinks! :DD

Let us refresh our wonderful memories again with the following pictures:


Specially tailored artisan menu for all APO11O: The Relaunch attendees! 🍗🥕🍧 🍷🍽


Our grand rocket centrepiece awaited attendees! ⚠️😍

At 7.30pm, the first performance started! 👏🏻


We had K-pop quartet “NYLP” for the opening act! 🤗


Followed by the dance troupe, “Behind the Scenes”!😊


Not forgetting the melodious voices of “Cui Zizai and Siyi”! 🤩


Our acrobatic daredevils “Try Hard Dancers Club (THDC)”! 😵



The all time crowd favourite “MAD”! 😆


And last but not least, ending the concert off with our beloved Faculty Committee performance! 🤭

Congratulations to all winners for making it through the intense competition for the games and lucky draw! 💪🏻


On this note, we would also like to thank all the students who actively participated in the stage games! We hope that you had fun and loved the prizes! 💛

Once again, Apollo Faculty Committee would like to thank everyone for coming down for APO11O: The Relaunch 🚀 and making it such a huge success! And with that, Commander Moo Armstrong and Buzz Cowdrin successfully reached the sun!



🌈Apollo Faculty Committee 17/18 🌈




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