THE MUCH ANTICIPATED ARRIVAL of our new herd of bullboys and bullgirls was a lively start to a week of Faculty and CT Orientation. Running around school the whole morning/ socialising/ speed-dating 20++ new classmates/ playing mind-boggling, high intensity games was probably enough to wear down any new C1 student, but certainly not our BRAND NEW SUNSHINES who blew us away with their loud and lively presence at our very first C1 faculty meeting for the year!

As you take on the myriad events that form the highlight of your JC lives this next week (trust us, it doesn’t get better than this), always remember to have lots of FUN!! War Games and POP may leave you out for red/ blue/ green blood, but always remember that while one may strive for excellence, but winning is not our main focus 😉

Your friendly neighbourhood C2s have come up with a short list of ways covering THREE MAIN ASPECTS of the Faculty Orientation to help you make the best of your week. These are pieces of golden advice accumulated over a year of the ultimate #hwachong experience, so take notes (and take some with a pinch of salt)



This year’s War Games features upgrades that put those impeccably timely IOS updates to shame. It will be nothing short of a hullabaloo. And also really messy. You may burn a few bridges and lose a few shirts. But it will also be really fun. While we’ll avoid giving too many spoilers and leave you to figure out the best ways to survive War Games, here are our TOP TIPS to help you guys make the champion faculty the one whose name rhymes with pro.

  • GET DIRTY Don’t be too upset if you’re hopelessly wet/ dirty/ left with a ruined fac shirt after the games. The dirtier you are, the more useful you were during the games. So the next time you spot your friend with a suspiciously clean shirt, give him the dirty eye (jk please don’t) That being said we advise you to invest in an additional piece of fac shirt for an unbelievably low cost of $7!!! at the council welfare room — you could definitely use it for insurance sake.
  • BE FEARLESS and just let loose!!!! Running amok in enemy territory beats skulking about our home base. As the old adage goes: “No venture, no gain”. Here in Apollo we go big or go home, so destroy dem bases.


If you enjoyed SODACHE, you will ADORE POP. And if you didn’t enjoy SODACHE, you’d probably still ADORE POP. Regardless of the extent of your dance prowess (whether you’re top of the MAD shortlist or have never gotten anywhere close to moving your limbs in an artful manner), POP has some kind of appeal for everyone. We swear by it. By this time next year you’d probably still remember how to dance the POP.

And, characteristic of all POP champions, our talented and dedicated Dance ICs have choreographed the perfect dance routine – our ultimate formula for blazing it on that dance floor next Wednesday! You can view the dance tutorials and FC dance video on our YouTube channel:

  • DON’T PON!! We know the urge can be strong – we’ve all been there. The sun is hot (although as part of the sunniest faculty we expect you to be in your element here) and your limbs are tired and you hate dancing and you just want to be anywhere but here – but POP is only going to be as great as you allow it to be. Experience dictates that if you actually get invested into learning the dance well and executing it flawlessly (as best as you can, at least) the satisfaction is boundless. Also, we assure you that the atmosphere will be electric come POP night, and what better way to #lightitup even more by executing those sleek moves and (maybe! hopefully!) taking home the trophy again?
  • LINES. ARE. SO. IMPORTANT. If you can’t dance, at least try to make sure you’re in a straight line with the person in front of you. It helps make everything look much much better no matter how dismal the situation with coordinating your hands/ legs may actually be on the ground. In fact, we probably won POP 2016 90% on straight neat lines and 10% on actually dancing as well as our unparalleled Dance ICs.
  • CHOPE YOUR PARTNERS QUICKLY. If you’ve been eyeing your EC for a week now, now’s your time to make a move. 4 whole hours of dancing with that chio girl/ cute boiboi is what you get in return for being proactive, finding a partner, and getting into those lines quickly #winging


While your OG may only be with you for a week, your CT is going to be the people you eat, breathe, and suffer with for the next two years leading up to the legendary milestone that is A levels! Making great friendships with the people in your class will go a long way to making your time in JC a fruitful and meaningful one. When the going gets tough, it will be the people around you whom you will trust and rely on to get you through.

  • GET TO KNOW EVERYONE. It may be painfully awkward at first, but once you get over the hill, the going is much smoother. Try and talk to the people whom you don’t already know, and you’ll be surprised to find out how much you enjoy the new company!
  • EAT TOGETHER. Somehow bonding over food always works. Studies have shown that the frequency of class meals is correlated to happiness levels. Anything from mundane canteen trips to wild suppers after campfire/ POP helps increase class camaraderie
  • JUNIOR TREAT SENIOR. A long standing hwachong tradition, junior CT classes often treat their senior CT classes to a meal/ gift. Don’t forget that you’ll be sharing those benches with your seniors for a year at least, so now’s a good time to extend that olive branch and maybe convince them to give you a bit more bench space *subtle*

Last but not least, your friendly and dedicated FACULTY COMMITTEE is here to support you every step of the way!!!! Feel free to hit any of us up if you’re feeling happy/sad/excited/angry/annoyed at just about anything and everything, and we’ll be more than happy to help. Throughout this period we’ll be everything from your War Games shields to your POP remedial teachers, and we’re really really excited to get to know each and every one of you better!

In case you didn’t get enough of our gorgeous faces, here is the link to our FACULTY COMMITTEE INTRODUCTION VIDEO

In case you missed anything during our Faculty Meeting, the links to our various social media sites can be found at the bottom of our blog (scroll down!!) If this is the first post you’re reading on our **NEW AND IMPROVED* blog, we hope you stick around and stay tuned for more! Feel free to hit the follow button! And if you’d like to see any new content, on our blog, do drop us a comment/ contact us on any of our social media pages/ through your senior CT reps.





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