✧✧ HEY APOLLO!!! ✧✧

Picking out clothes from your closet can be a huge chore, and that’s why we’re here to help! With just one more day to MONOPOLLO, we hope this Lookbook helps you get started on your fashion statement tomorrow.

MONOPOLLO is a difficult theme – we know – when it comes down to figuring out what to wear so that your clothes fit in with the aesthetic of a green board game. But extremely exciting prizes will be given out for the Best Dressed, so be bold and go all out! MONOPOLLO is actually an amazingly fun theme to dress up to – and we’ll show you just how here.

However, while you’re free to take the theme to the next level, do remember that Monopollo remains a school event, so dressing appropriately according to school expectations (no bare back, baring of midriff, overly short shorts, e.g. FBTs, crude or rude graphics and prints) is a must!

Above all, remember to have fun and dress comfortably for the event. Do note, however, that while dresses and skirts are featured in this Lookbook, bear in mind that this may encumber your bouncy castle experience (no wardrobe malfunctions please), so if you’re raring for a go on the bouncy castle, remember to be dressed for ease of movement in shorts/ pants and a top!!


Apollo Faculty Committee 16’17


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