Introducing Apollo Faculty Committee 16/17!!


Introducing to you Apollo Faculty Committee 2016/17!! We are a passionate bunch who look forward to bringing you some very exciting events, and we hope everyone will support us!!

Here are the people in our Faculty Committee!!

Faculty Head, Ong Yinn Ray, from 16A15

Deputy Faculty Head, Chia Eik Chao, from 16S77

Secretary-Treasurer, Thung You Xuan, from 16A14

Publicity IC, Sharmaine Koh, from 16A14

Publicity IC, Milton Wong, from 16A15

Publicity IC, Markus Leo, from 16S6Q

Sports IC, Caleb Tan, from 16S79

Activities IC, Tay Shu Wen, from 16S6J

Activities IC, Delvin Chua, from 16S6K

Activities IC, Koo Chun Aun Kenneth, from 16S73

Activities IC, Owen Ho, from 16S75

Activities IC, Tiffany Chua, from 16S75

Activities IC, So Wei Zheng, from 16S77

Activities IC, Amanda Chan, from 16S79

Dance IC, Keely Chua, from 16S6P

Dance IC, Yau Xin Yue Coco, from 16S71

(p.s. here is the link to our faccom intro video in case you missed it!

Do follow us on instagram @apollofaculty for more regular updates!)





Apollo Faculty Committee 16’17


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