Hello Apollo! The long awaited outfit blog post is finally here! Midnight Clear is just a week away and if you’re still unsure what to wear, we hope you all can seek inspiration through this platform.

(Also, if you make it to the end of the post, get ready for an exclusive! feature presented to you by Apollo FC;)). 

Midnight Clear is an ethereal and celestial night under the stars, and we want you all dressed up as beautiful as the galaxies. The attire is semi formal, so for the guys– come in your dress shirts and suit up, along with some bow ties/ties–whatever makes you confident. For girls, cocktail/party dresses or dress pants will make you look stunning!

1. Celestial Elements 


2. Sparkle (All that glitters– gold and silver, sequins)

3. Watercolour/Marbled/Paddle Pop/Psychedelic 
ps. no bareback okay!

take things up a notch with the psychedelic!!

4. Holographic 

5. Midnight Colours (Black, dark blue, yellow, white, purple) 

And there you have it!! As you can see, there are really a lot of options and room for you to wear whatever makes you feel good:). Of course, do note that it is still a school event so dress appropriately (no bareback, no baring of midriff, no indecent mini skirts etc.). ALSO. We will be having a BEST DRESSED COMPETITION for the best looking celestial beings out there. If you want to participate, do dress to impress! But above all, stay classy, and just have fun with everything, and we hope you all have a wonderful and unforgettable starry night! 
(and now, your lovely FC members are here to give their take on the dress code. ps. don’t take us too seriously, this is all in good fun haha. we’re sure you guys will be even more dazzling on the day itself;))

Presenting to you…

Apollo FC 15/16

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