☼ Congratulations to Apollo 14/15 ☼ (Part 3)

Hey Bullboys & girls ☼☼

it’s the first day of school after the long weekend and we’re back with the FINAL part of our 3-part A-levels feature to motivate you guys and get you through the week ((and possibly the rest of the semester)) !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

For our final feature, we are pleased to have Zane Chee from 14A15 share his experiences with us!

Zane Chee (14A15) 

1. What are 3 things you attribute to your success?

I am not quite sure how “success” is defined, but I would attribute it to be

a worthwhile and memorable JC experience. Firstly, stay true to your

commitments and principles. Do be mindful of your priorities and keep to

your promises. Secondly, be inquisitive and do not be afraid to ask

questions or make mistakes. What is more important is to learn from

every setback and do not ever give up. Thirdly, stay humble and focused –

do not let any minor achievements or success get to your head.

2. What do you remember most about Hwa Chong

Faculty events always bring waves of nostalgia and pride for me, but of all

faculty events, I feel that the 2015 Post-Orientation Party (POP) was most

memorable. It was very heartening and worthwhile to see C1s from

different Faculties cheering for each other during the dance competition

in a display of sportsmanship and camaraderie. It was then, when I

realized that I had successfully inducted a new batch of freshmen into the

ever-bonded Hwa Chong family.

3. Any advice for your juniors, especially those who are feeling stressed out

over A-levels?

Stress is inevitable but it may not always be negative. As cliché as it

sounds, I feel that time management is important to balance out your

various commitments. Do plan ahead wisely to reduce any last-minute

study stress but do also set aside some personal time to relax and hang

out with your friends and family to de-stress. At the same time, never ever

give up hope – I was never a straight As student throughout high school

and JC, having Us and S-es in almost every subject I have taken before.

What I found most useful in my revision was to review, consolidate and

make my own notes for every subject.

4. Any special shoutouts?

To all of my high school and jc teachers – thank you for never giving up on

me when I failed to meet your expectations or perform up to standards

and instead, tried to review with me what went wrong and how to

improve from there.

To my class 14A15 – thank you for the wonderful memories we had as a

class, be it during GEMs, class time, class outings or just random clique

gatherings and banter. Even though I do not show it, I am really thankful

because each and every one of you have taught me something to be a

better student, a better friend and a better person. Special mention goes

to the FRIED FOOD BOYS (Kay Han, Joshua, Fu Yuan, Kenneth) for

indulging in my sometimes childish and immature erm stuff 😀

To 41 st Students’ Council – thank you for showing me what true passion to

serve the school is like. As mentioned before, serving and loving the

school was never the main reason why I joined the Students’ Council in

the first place (I wanted to find out how it was like to work in a large

organization), but rather it was your infectious passion that allowed me

to pick it up along the way. It has been an honour to serve alongside all 49

of you. #只为那爱我愿 Special mention also goes to OG 41 for teaching

me what is it like to persevere against all odds and to stay true to our

beliefs and principles in everything we do.

To Batch 44 of HCINPCC – thank you for sticking by throughout the 6

years. We have come a long way and I am glad our friendships remain as

strong as ever 🙂

Thank you seniors for sharing your experiences with us, we wish you all the best in all your future endeavours :)!! To the current batches of J1s and J2s, we hope that our seniors’ personal experience and performance has given you guys some insights for what lies ahead of us, and some motivation for the days to come! JIAYOU and fight on bullboys and girls we’ll conquer 2016 together ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧


Apollo FC 15/16


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