☼ Congratulations to Apollo 14/15 ☼ (Part 2)

Hello Apollo ☼☼
Hope you guys have been enjoying the long weekend!! And we’re back with our second part of our A-Level feature with Tan Chuan Xin from 14S6Q ( •⌄• ू )✧
Above (from left to right): Tan Chuan Xin (14S6Q, Secretary-Treasurer) and Chen Jiun Wei (14S75, Sports I/C)

Above (from left to right): James Wong Hong Hian (14S6N, Faculty Head), Lee Kay Han (14A15, Deputy Faculty Head), Phoong Khang Zhie (14S77, Dance I/C), Roystan Ang (14A14, Activities I/C), Tan Chuan Xin (14S6Q, Secretary-Treasurer)

1. Describe yourself in a few words!

Hi everyone, I’m Chuan Xin. I’ve been in Hwachong for six years. I’m a very quiet person, with an aura that says “don’t approach me”, but I’m actually very friendly. I like a lot of random things, including sports, origami, music, Korean related stuff, Dota, but above all I love softball and faccomm. I’m not the most fun person to have around since I like to get the job done first, and then relax but in the same vein, I’m kind of dependable if you need me to do something. However I definitely play hard :p Also a self proclaimed saikang warrior, always volunteering for the job no one wants to do.

2. What do you remember most about Hwa Chong?

Above everything else, my fondest memories was the time period where I was juggling both softball and faccomm. I was unbelievably stressed out, but it was the passion for my two CCAs that kept me going. The fact that there was always something fun to look forward to every day after studying for block tests made every single day a day with some hope, some silver lining at the end. To me, softball and faccomm defined my JC life. The friends you meet, the happiness you feel when you spend time with them, and the brief escape from the stress of studying helped inspire me and kept me going strong.

3.  Any advice for your juniors, especially those who are feeling stressed out over A-levels?

Find your support system. For me my CCAs did it for me. You have to find things that can help motivate you, otherwise the journey towards A levels will be long and painful.

Also, don’t worry too much about studying for A levels haha. There’s much more time than you think there is to study. The last three months will be nothing but studying, so right now enjoy the other things that you can do!

Lastly, study at your own pace. Don’t compare to others, it only causes more panic! Know yourself and do your best, and you won’t regret. 


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